Liverpool man allegedly high on 'water' during murders faces judge

A Liverpool man accused of being high on a drug called "water" when he killed two people faced a judge Monday morning.

28-year-old Martinous Hudson is charged with shooting and killing two people last August. In Onondaga County Court Monday, his attorney was trying to suppress statements given to investigators.

Investigators say Hudson was high on marijuana and a hallucinogenic drug made from embalming fluid when he opened fire in a van on West Glen Avenue in Syracuse, about a half mile north of Meachem Field on Syracuse's south side.

Police say Hudson and his friends were driving around in a car on August 6, 2010 when he suddenly began ranting incoherently about the devil, pulled a gun and opened fire on his companions. 17-year-old Lavonna Hamilton and 24-year-old Maurice Miller were killed. 24-year-old Eric Bellamy was hurt.

Syracuse police say "water" is the street name for a cigarette or marijuana joint dipped in liquid PCP or embalming fluid laced with PCP. They say users can become disoriented and enraged and have a high threshold for pain.

The case is back in court on March 22.