Liverpool schools issue a child safety alert after suspicious incidents reported

There is an investigation into suspicious incidents involving students in the Bayberry area.

Dr. Richard N. Johns, Superintendent of Liverpool Central School District, says there is an investigation into suspicious incidents involving students in the Bayberry area.

Dr. Johns says the Liverpool Central School District Security Office is working in conjunction with the Onondaga County Sheriffâ??s Office to investigate two suspicious incidents involving students in the Bayberry area that were reported Tuesday night.

Several students reported being followed by a male in the Bayberry neighborhood after getting off their school bus Tuesday, says Dr. Johns. He says the bus driver noticed that something was wrong and did not leave the area. The girl, fearing for her safety, got back on the bus and the bus driver took her directly to her home.

The man is being described as being in his mid 50â??s, with a medium build and a scraggly beard. The man was reportedly wearing a broad plaid shirt at the time.

On Wednesday morning, Dr. Johns says another student reported being approached by an individual in the Bayberry neighborhood. The student said the person was driving a blue van and asked the student to get into the van.

Dr. Johns told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon that the students in both cases were middle school aged girls. He said that shortly after the alert went out at 11:00 a.m. Wednesday, the mother of another student called the district and reported a similar incident that happened several days ago. She said it involved a man matching the description provided by the school.

Dr. Johns is encouraging parents, guardians and teachers to remind students to be cautious if they are approached by a stranger. He is not disclosing where exactly in the Bayberry area these incidents took place.

Dr. Johns is also asking that if you have any information about these incidents, or if another should occur, that you report them immediately to his office at 622-7125.