Liverpool schools name Mark Potter new superintendent

Mark Potter takes oath as new Liverpool School District Superintendent

The Liverpool School District has found its new superintendent.

The Board of Education voted to select Mark Potter to serve as Liverpool's superintendent. He was named the new superintendent at a special meeting Monday night. The board says 96 people were a part of the selection process, which they narrowed to four candidates before selecting Potter.

"People have really felt like they knew me and knew what I had to offer, and think I'm a pretty straight shooter, and I think they're very comfortable with that," Potter says.

Potter will hold the position of Superintendent Designee from July 1 through July 31. He'll begin his tenure as the Superintendent of the Liverpool School District on August 1.

Potter is currently the executive director for secondary education. He oversees the districtâ??s high school and middle schools. He has been with the district since 2007.

That experience inside the district is something the board did not want back in 2009, as they did not accept applications from anyone who worked inside the district. They hired Dr. Richard Johns, who previously worked in the Webutuck Central School District in Dutchess County. Johns recently announced his retirement effective July 31st, but has taken a medical leave of absence due to the need for a heart transplant. Acting superintendent Pete Backus has been running the district since April. Once Potter starts on August 1st, he believes his experience inside the district will prove valuable.

"I think a lot of times when a superintendent comes in the main goal is to initially find out where some of the strengths are and where some of the challenges are, trying to understand who the players are, and what it is they're trying to accomplish," Potter says.

Those goals are something Potter has seen in his six years as a part of the district, as he has established a connection inside the community that allowed the school board to unanimously vote him as the next superintendent, and have parents and teachers on board as well.

"I'm happy about it," Carrie Rives-Parris, who lives and pays taxes in the district, says. "I know that Mark's number one concern is education and that's my number one concern, I've got a son who's going to be six in July, and a daughter who is two...and I'm going to have another one in about 9 days."

Rives-Parris is now encouraged that her kids will grow up in Potter's district, a district he hopes to move forward in challenging times for education.

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