Liverpool superintendent is exploring â??receiving a new heartâ??

The superintendent in the Liverpool School District will undergo a heart transplant.

Dr. Richard Johns issued an open letter to parents, students, teachers and staff members in the district Wednesday, saying he is working with a medical team at Strong Hospital to 'explore receiving a new heart.'

On Tuesday, the district said

Johns was out on indefinite leave, but wouldn't say why.

Johns is planning to leave his post this summer. His last day is scheduled for July 31. The district has already started a search for his successor.

Here is a copy of the letter Dr. Johns sent out to the district:

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

An Open Letter to the Liverpool District

When I first came to the District I felt an immediate connection to the Liverpool community. I have come to love the students of Liverpool as if they were my own children and have always attempted to provide the leadership and make the decisions that are in their best interests.

The charges that I was given by the Board that hired me were difficult but clearly a labor of love for me throughout my superintendency. It has been an honor to pursue these charges. The unified effort of a very dedicated and talented teaching staff, administration and support staff has been incredible.

If it was of my own choosing I would certainly perform my job for many more years, however, factors have emerged which will not allow me to do so.

I am currently working with a medical team at Strong Hospital to explore receiving a new heart.

While it is impossible for me to predict my future health status, I remain available to my staff for consultation with any situation that arises while I am on medical leave.


Dr. Richard N. Johns

Superintendent of Liverpool School District