Living with ALS special report inspires comments from other families

Renee and Jim Lamb.

Our special report Living with ALS is inspiring readers and viewers to share their stories of living with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

56 year old Renee Lamb felt her first symptoms of the disease in May of 2012 while doing jazzercise. Her foot felt numb. A few months later she was diagnosed with ALS. Less than two years later she needs a motorized chair to move around.

Kathy Mott Maffei from Camillus shared her story on Maffei lost her father to ALS in 2000. She has offered to help the Lamb family around their home in the Village of Cazenovia.

Pamela Glatter's mother is living with ALS. Glatter encouraged neighbors and others to lend a hand to Renee and Jim Lamb.

Deb McQueen said she is an ALS patient too. She is one of many in her extended family who have battled the disease. McQueen said, "we have familial ALS, having lost over twenty people to this beast. The lack of the health care for an illness such as ALS needs to be changed ASAP."ã??

Jean Frateschi wrote about her brother from Pennellville who passed away from ALS last year. She offered her best to the Lamb's, "God bless your family and my prayers are with you."

Michelle Lamoree Clark said her brother lived with ALS for seven years before dying six years ago. "My most heartfelt sadness goes out to the Lamb family and all families affected by ALS," said Clark.

The list goes on of people with friends and family who are either living with ALS or having succumbed to ALS.

If you would lke to help Renee and Jim Lamb with the financial burden of living with ALS you can contribute and post comments here.