Loaded handgun, marijuana found during traffic stop

A routine traffic stop in Syracuse early Monday morning resulted in two arrests.

Syracuse police pulled over a car around 2:55 a.m. when the car drove over the yellow center line on Butternut Street. Police spoke to the driver, 19 year-old Tevin Chisholm, and smelled the odor of marijuana coming from within the car.

Further investigation led to a search of the car and three other people inside the car. During the search, police found marijuana on Chisholm and a loaded 25 caliber semi-automatic handgun in the possession of a rear-seat passenger, 20 year-old Tyrone English.

English is charged with criminal possession of a weapon, a felony. Chisholm was charged with a violation of unlawful possession of marijuana and ticketed for failure to keep right.

The other two people in the car were not charged.