Local bridal store owner speaks out after abrupt closing

NY Forever Bridal is looking to reopen in Destiny USA, after suddenly closing roughly two months ago to accomodate the new Georgio Armani Outlet.

Since the closure, some brides claim the store stranded them without dresses or reimbursements.

"I just want to apologize to my customers - my valued customers - that are out there who said they tried to contact us, but couldn't reach me," said store owner Ismaray Abdul Latif.

Abdul Latif said store management called all layaway customers ahead of the closure, giving them the option of paying and picking up their gowns, or having them moved to storage.

Two brides in contact with CNY Central, however, said they could not get in touch with Abdul Latif. Destiny USA's guest services provided customers with his cell phone number after the store closed.

When questioned about his phone going straight to voicemail for several weeks, Adbul Latif had no explanation. "I don't know," he said. "I don't know how to explain that. I can contact...the cell phone service to see why it went straight to voicemail."

According to the store, three brides were affected by the abrupt closure. One is choosing to pick up her dress, while the other two have asked for reimbursements.

Abdul Latif said he would mail reimbursement checks on Friday.

One of the brides receiving a refund is Cleveland resident Kayla Hoyt, who was the subject of a CNY Central report. In late August, Hoyt claimed she could not get in touch with the business for a reimbursement.

After airing her story, a Canton-based bridal store, Sposa Bella, contacted CNY Central, wanting to give Kayla a dress. The store provided Kayla with a dress, alterations, veil and tiara, free of charge.

NY Forever Bridal said it is now working with Destiny USA to secure a new location within the mall.