Local businesses excited about snow. What are you looking forward to?

Local business owners who depend on snowfall are finally breathing a sigh of relief this week.

John Goodfellow, the owner Four Seasons Golf and Ski Center in Fayetteville, says the ski resort is going to be fully operational by the end of the day. That means the chair lift will be running and all the trails will be open. The resort had been running on a limited basis.

"It was pretty lean," says Goodfellow. "We didn't have any snow at all, and the warm weather was just continuous. We couldn't make snow up until really two weeks ago."

Four Seasons usually tries to start making snow around Thanksgiving. On Thursday, thanks to a blast of wintry weather, the slopes were busy with children on break from school.

The Barber family was visiting the area from Maryland. They've been waiting for snow all week.

"It's good because it's fun to play in," says Gwen Barber, 7.

Are there activities you're looking forward to now that the snow is finally here? Post your comments below!