Local florists see decreased profits, even during Valentine's Day

A dozen roses from Markowitz Florist in Syracuse.


t Markowitz Florist, Owner Jini Cerio is getting ready for Valentine's Day.

This year the holiday falls on a Friday, pay day for many of us. That means big business for Markowitz.


nd it's only one time a year


this holiday is bigger than all of them

," says Cerio.

Despite the Valentine's boom, Cerio says her store is losing money. She says online florists based anywhere in the United States have local shops like her fulfill their orders.

"I will have people call from a wire service in Vancouver, Washington and are ordering for a building that might be one or two blocks from here," says Cerio.

Nearly seventy percent of Cerio's orders are ones she;s fulfilling for bigger online florists. Her store only sees about half the profit from online orders versus what she would make from an order places directly in her shop.

"I would love to never do business with them, but in order to do that the local people have to work with the local stores and that was the way it used to be," says Cerio.

Cerio says she foresees the big online florists being the downfall of local shops and she's already looking to switch careers.

"It's very physical and you're not really able to make a good income anymore," says Cerio.

But Cerio hopes customers turn back to their neighborhood florists and buy local this Valentine's Day.