Local Habitat for Humanity needs help

There's a plea to the public for help finishing a Habitat for Humanity home. Construction is well underway in Madison County, but without more donations the project could come to a grinding halt.

Under construction and underfunded. That's the dilemma facing Habitat for Humanity Build Coordinator Dennis Doerr. "Help us finish," he said. "Help us finish strong. We're almost there." Construction on the Habitat home on Dyke Road in Chittenango started back in July and they've done a lot since then. The project is about 70% complete. The outside is pretty much done, but they still need to sheetrock, lay down floors and paint.

Organizers say they need about $30,000 to finish the home. And if they can't raise the funds, the project could be stalled. "We've got lots of volunteers and the sad thing is, if we have to slow down because we don't have the money yet, we can't complete it," Doerr said. The 1,090 square foot home will eventually be occupied by a local single mother and her three young kids. It features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living area and a porch out back.

And while Habitat has raised a lot, they need more money to get it done. So they're trying to get creative. You can buy a room, so to speak. A $500 donation will help finish a room, providing drywall, flooring and trim. "When we sheetrock it, you can come in and paint that room. We'll take a picture of you. There will be a plaque at the open house," Doerr said. But for now, they wait and hope, reaching out to local businesses, neighbors, anyone who can help make this family's dream a reality. "Help us out. Make a difference and we'll let you be part of making this dream come true," Doerr said.

The goal is to have the home complete by this spring. But it can't happen without your support.

Donations can be sent to:

P.O. Box 12Chittenango, NY 13037.

You can also contact Dennis Doerr at (315) 687-7355.