Local high school gives students hands-on TV news experience

Brandon Roth joins WESM TV as a guest.

A local high school is giving students an opportunity to get hands-on experience in the television field.

East Syracuse-Minoa High School has a student-run news station called WESM that puts on a morning news show every morning at the start of the school day.

Over 40 students are involved in the program, and they come to school an hour early each day to put on the show.

"We try to encompass as many things as we can with as many students as we can. We have all the tech aspects then we have about 8 on air anchors who go on designated days every week," says WESM anchor Jeanine Koehler.

WESM won a national broadcasting award two years ago, and helps give a hands-on experience to students with an interest in broadcasting.

WESM broadcaster Tristan Briggs says the most rewarding part for him is being able to bring real world news to students that may not have everyday access to it.

Several graduates from East Syracuse-Minoa's broadcast program have gone into broadcasting as a full-time career, including CNY Central's very own sports director, Niko Tamurian, who got his start as a weatherman on the school's morning news.

You can watch some of the WESM broadcasts online here.