Local man wins more than 6 million dollars in record scratch off prize

David Kowalski has a rather simple strategy. He's a regular scratch-off player and always reinvests his winnings from smaller tickets into larger ones. Lucky for him, he reinvested into this 30 dollar ticket at just the right place at exactly the right time. He's now more than 6 million dollars richer for it.

"It's overwhelming, exciting, it's indescribable. I bought it, went out in the parking lot, scratched it off and since then it's just been crazy," says Kowalski.

He said he has no exact plans on what he'll do with the largest prize in New York lotto history, but says this will naturally help out for years to come.

"Trying to get our priorities in order, it's going to help the family. It's gonna help us. It's going to help provide for the family. Going to try to be responsible and make the right decisions."

Ironically, Kowalski wore a Wonka t-shirt to the big celebration at the Stewart's where he purchased the lucky ticket in Liverpool. However, it wasn't until we brought it to his attention that he realized the irony of wearing a shirt about the movie famous for lucky golden tickets, when he was here on his big day for getting a lucky golden ticket of his own.

"I kinda did, didn't I."

David scratched the ticket from the outside going in, so the winning box that showed he won fifty times 200-thousand dollars was the last one he came to.

"And when I scratched off the 200 thousand below it I was in disbelief."

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