Local travelers impacted as United Airlines drops Cleveland hub

Getting to Cleveland from Syracuse non-stop is about to get harder, as United shuts down its Cleveland hub this summer

United Airlines offers several non-stop flights between Syracuse and Cleveland daily, but that may change as the airline closes its hub there.

United says the majority of its flights coming through Hopkins International Airport will be eliminated, and changes impacting Syracuse will be released by February 11th.

Right now, Fly Syracuse says Cleveland is one of 16 destinations with direct air service from Hancock Airport.

United is eliminating the hub because, it says, it has not been profitable for over a decade and has generated millions of dollars in losses for the company.

There will be layoffs in Cleveland, but no word yet on how the changes will affect staffing and services in Syracuse. Hancock International Airport commissioner Christina Callahan says it the future does not look good for United's flights between Cleveland and Syracuse but she hopes flights will be added to Chicago, Minnesota, Detroit or other airline hubs.

"Markets like Syracuse will probably see the loss of the service and it will be up to us to try and increase service connecting west through some of these other markets."

Callahan says flights out of Syracuse are regularly at higher than 90% capacity and a loss of service to Cleveland could open up other possibilities.

"If the demand is there - the market will respond," said Callahan.