Local union says Station 7 would have been first on scene of James St. fire

The Syracuse Fire Fighters Local 280 Union recently posted to Facebook claims that the now-closed Station 7 would have been the first company on the scene of the fire at 477 James Street Thursday afternoon.

The union says they are concerned for civilians as well as fire fighters, as the department is running at four fewer fire fighters than a year ago.

City officials say the claims are invalid. â??The response time from Station 1 was 2:55, beating the national average of 4 minutes.â??

Syracuse Fire Chief Paul Linnertz says that fire crews are working fine with the current levels of staffers, and on a consistent basis beat the national average.

â??Any other city in the country would be proud to see these response times in their city.â?? Linnertz said.

The union says they still plan to pressure city hall to make Station 7 operational again.

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