Local youths arrested for burglary at Fulton Chocolate Company

Tuesday, Fulton Police arrested several area people for their connection to a burglary at the Fulton Chocolate and Confection Company. The investigation originated on June 29th, when police were called to the New York Chocolate plant for a reported break in and vandalism to the property.

Investigation found that several individuals had gotten inside the property and discharged several fire extinguishers throughout a large portion of the building and defecated inside a room in the building. The cost to clean the property was estimated at $3,800.00. It was also found that the individuals stole numerous miscellaneous items from throughout the property which totaled an additional $4,254.50. The investigation revealed that six (6) adults and three (3) juveniles under the age of 16 were involved in the incident. The adults are identified as:

Jeremy W. Bailey, 22 years old 234 Oneida St. Fulton Nolan R. Webster, 17 years old, 116 N. Seventh St. Fulton Joseph E. Swatkowski, 16 years old, 603 Ontario St. Fulton Charles A. Morelli III, 18 years old, 618 Ontario St. Fulton Nicholas M. Peacock, 17 years old, 369 S. Third St. FultonTyler F. Clark, 18 years old, 118 Cedarwood Dr. Fulton

Each defendant is charged with Burglary in the third degree, Grand Larceny in the third degree, Conspiracy in the fifth degree, Endangering the welfare of a child, and Criminal Tampering in the third degree. Peacock was not charged with Criminal Tampering. Police are not releasing the names of the 3 juvenile suspects due to their age. They will be charged in Family Court for crimes that, if committed by an adult, would be burglary, grand larceny, criminal tampering, and conspiracy. The six adult defendants were arraigned in the Fulton City Court before Judge Ludington. All but Peacock were remanded to the Public Safety Center.

Fulton Police say that the investigation into these incidents is continuing and anyone with any information is encouraged to contact police at 598-4504 or courtesy of the Fulton Police Department