Lock your cars, police see more thefts as calendar ticks closer to Christmas

Police remind Central New York to lock your vehicles to deter possible thieves from taking your Christmas gifts. Police are seeing an up-tick in car larcenies in recent months, and activity could continue to climb as the calendar turns closer to Christmas.

So far this year, Auburn Police have responded to 82 reported car larcenies. More than half of those incidents happened between July 1 and November 18. October and November saw the most calls. Police say thieves may be more inclined to pounce this time of year because it's getting darker sooner, which gives them more anonymity.

They usually look for electronics, including GPS navigation systems, i-Pods, purses, wallets and loose change -- which they know to look for in your center console. As the holiday gift giving season approaches, they may be on the prowl for more expensive and unique items.

Police say it's important to lock your car; not just your doors, but windows as well.

If you must keep valuables, or gifts in your car, make sure they are hidden and out of sight. If you can, write down any information about the electronics left inside your car. Make, model, and serial number are all good things to have on record -- that way it's easier to track your items if they are stolen.