Lockheed Martin food drive benefits the Food Bank of Central New York

Lockheed Martin and the Food Bank of Central New York are working together, creating a M.E.N.U for the hungry living in our community.

As part of its Mission to Engage Nourish and Unite Central New York, Lockheed employees collected 1,400 donations of non-perishable food items this month.

They loaded a truck with the donations and presented the Food Bank of CNY with a check for $12,000 on Monday morning.

Kathleen Stress, Chief Operating Officer for the Food Bank of CNY, says that money is enough to fuel 27,000 meals to feed the hungry in Central New York.

The Food Bank and Lockheed have been working together for three years. The effort has grown exponentially since the partnership's inception.

"It's something that at first is slow, but as soon as you get the word out, it's amazing how quickly the employees at Lockheed Martin respond and how willing they are to help, and how many raise their hand to volunteer," says Daniel DeRancy, a Financial Analyst, part of the Financial Leadership Development Program at Lockheed.

"It's a little bit overwhelming, I think, to see the need that's here in Central New York," DeRancy says. "I think a lot of people don't realize how many families go hungry. I think it's great for everyone here at Lockheed Martin to realize they really are making a difference and some of their efforts are really going a long way."