Long winter should mean good things for gardeners

Despite the long and harsh Central New York winter, you may find your garden thanking the elements this spring.

â??When it stays cold it's actually a little bit better for plants,â?? explained Chuck Hafner's Farmers Market's Jess Hafner. â??Although we had a lot of snow it actually acts as insulation to help keep them warmer."

The long winter should also mean fewer garden pests to combat this year.

But there are drawbacks to months of snow. Extra salt used on roadways and sidewalks may cause damage to nearby plants and with the ground frozen for so long, some trees may not have been able to properly draw water and nutrients from the soil.

â??During the winter the ground freezes so evergreens canâ??t draw up moisture. The wind just blows right through them and dehydrates them,â?? said Hafner.

Trees may appear brown or even dead this spring but with a little pruning, fertilizer and our current rainy weather, they should be able to recover and look healthy again my late May.