Longtime neighbors in Fulton are embarrassed and angry after alleged assault

The Fulton community is shocked after an alleged assault on Memorial Day weekend.

FULTON, N.Y.---Joe Somers has lived in Fulton for 40 years.

When he heard about the arrests for assault over Memorial Day weekend, he was almost at a loss for words.

"Never heard of it before not here I have worked the ambulance in the city for 35 years and I just never seen anything never seen anything like that," said Somers.

His neighbor John Rasmussen moved here seven years ago from Houston-he says its always been quiet.

He says the thought of a hate crime here is a concern.

"It's definitely not right we were kind of shocked by it but I guess the way the world is going right now it just seems to be the norm," Rasmussen said, " it's all you hear about is people getting in fights and getting mad at each other."

"Growing up we never heard of a crime but we hear it a lot more now I think it's been around honestly for a long time it's just showing up more now," Rasmussen continued.

Joe Somers agrees, and he says he's glad to hear police have made arrests.

But these neighbors say they are always alert.

"We always keep an eye out when you live in town or you don't know it's gonna happen so you're always looking out for people," said Rasmussen.

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