Longtime secluded beach shut down by state in Geneva

It's a tucked away, secluded place that you must first know about in order to find. Locals say a small beach on the northern tip of Seneca Lake in Geneva goes by many names. For as long as anyone can remember, it's been a popular place to relax and take in nature in a remote setting. However, you can't go swimming here any longer, because the beach is now off limits.

"It's been a free and open facility for us for as long as I can remember. I'm not too happy about it, but I'll have to find somewhere else to swim," says beachgoer Jason Munson.

No trespassing signs were recently put in by the State Department of Transportation. It owns this property, since it sits right under an elevated highway. There are railroad tracks nearby, too. Norfolk Southern Railroad has also put in no trespassing signs on one side of the beach. Some people coming here tell me these signs won't stop them from hanging out at this previously undetected spot, but are still wondering what caused them to suddenly go in.

"The signs shouldn't be here. I mean this is a peaceful place to come and enjoy," says Joseph Paliotti.

"Well it's kind of unfortunate. It's one of the nicer places to come on the lake," says Ann Hansen.

Several people here tell me the beach has served as a haven for illegal drug use and needles have been found in the sand before. The D.O.T. wouldn't give a specific reason for what caused this change, but it does say, "it's working to identify potential long term solutions that meet local health and land use requirements and ensure the beach can be operated safely."

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