Low-cost pet spay and neuter services for NY residents

Mr. McPhee was on Weekend Today in CNY on Sunday, looking for a home. Wanderer's Rest is offering low cost spaying and neutering to pet owners, to cut down on overfull shelters and unwanted pets.

Animal shelters nationwide are overfull, and a Canastota shelter is doing an outreach aimed at cutting down on unwanted pets.

Wanderer's Rest Humane Association has won a grant from the ASPCA to fund a low-cost Spay/Neuter Assistance Program. New York residents need to prove their income eligibility to get vouchers, which cover about half the cost. The service is for both dogs and cats.

When shelter Executive Director Mark Christensen visited Weekend Today in Central NY on Sunday morning to talk about the service, he also brought along Mr. McPhee, a very friendly pit bull mix, an example of why spaying and neutering is so important. The dog was an unwanted stray. He's now been neutered, and is ready for his 'forever' home.

Christensen also reminded us to save the date for 'Bone Appetit.' a Wanderer's Rest fundraiser coming up on April 26th at Cazenovia's Lincklaen House. The Wine, Beer, Cider, Cheese and Chocolate tastings benefit shelter operations, as will a silent auction.

There's a website, or a phone number, 697-2796, for more information.