Low-wage workers raise concerns for Syracuse economy

A new study raises concerns about the growing number of Low-wage workers in the Syracuse economy

A new study, out on Monday (Workers' Memorial Day) raises concerns for the local economy and for low-wage workers who make up a growing portion of the Syracuse-area workforce.

The concern, that low-wage and temporary jobs do not provide a living wage, and the workers in those jobs do not have enough buying power to keep our economy going.

There are also concerns that the temporary and part-time nature of most of the jobs, according to report author Jeanette Zoeckler, who says the work situation leaves many workers struggling for their health (one third of those questioned say they have job related injuries but are afraid to report them), for their finances, and for developing any kind of community or civic or personal life.

The NY State Senate-financed Workforce Development Institute plans meetings this summer, involving business leaders as well as agencies that help low wage earners.

You can read the whole report , published today by the Occupational Health Clinical Center