Lucky to be alive, but Oneida woman is still giving back

Jamie Hubbard of Oneida is giving back to the Sarah House after her parents stayed there during her long recovery.

28 Year Old Jamie Hubbard is lucky to be alive today. Almost five years ago, she was driving to the airport, when she hit a patch of black ice, spun out, and was t-boned by a van.

"I remember nothing from the moment that happened," says Hubbard.

Doctors didn't think she would survive. Her mother, Sharon Hubbard, says a minister came in to read her last rites.

"I remember when the minister came and he held his hands on her head and he prayed over her and he was crying. And he had never met her before," says Hubbard.

Jamie defied all odds. She re-learned how to eat, speak, read, and write.

When doctors were saying Jamie may not make it through the night, her parents didn't want to leave her side. Sarah House provided a warm affordable bed that really felt like home. Sarah House is a hospital hospitality home in Syracuse. Office Coordinator Kathleen Boyea says it's very similar to the Ronald Mcdonald house except one stark difference.

"Ronald McDonald house takes care of families who have children in the hospital and we take care of the adults who have family members in the hospital," says Boyea.

They provide a homey environment, stocked with food, toiletries and everything you could need to make your stay comfortable during a difficult time.

"It's a wonderful place. They need a lot of help. They don't get any funding from the state or the federal govt they depend on donations," says Hubbard.

Jamie is so grateful for the care they provided her parents that 5 years later she's paying it forward.

Sunday, Jamie and her family collected and dropped off donations for Sarah House. It was the first time Jamie got to see her parent's home away from home. Sarah House is overwhelmed by her kindness, they say it's what they're all about.

"We know how much she's been through and for her to remember us along her journey, just a small part, it makes us so happy," says Boylea.

Jamie is not done yet. She's planning another fundraiser in the Spring. She will continue to give back to the Sarah House with the same determination that pushed her to recover.