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      Luxury Living: What could be coming to our area

      Turning 55 is not too shabby nowadays. Especially when engineers and housing companies are stepping up their game when it comes to housing for seniors.

      A proposed luxury resort retirement complex would be the first of its kind in New York and it may be coming to the town of Manlius.

      "Seniors independent living is designed as what we call a cruise ship on land. And, it would have a number of amenities," says Kathleen Bennett of Bond Schoeneck & King, Environmental Practice Group.

      Amenities like, a hair salon and spa, a library, fitness center, a 24/7 gourmet chef and more.

      This is all part of the resort lifestyle communities plan. Engineers presented the concept review plans to the Manlius planning board to review their 130 unit, three story complex proposal.

      "The average age on move in for these residents is 78. And, most of the residents I think is 84. They find that people are really doing the snowbird thing for a while and then they really want to come back to where they've always been to where their adult children and grandchildren are. Just to be closer to them as they get older," says Bennett.

      Overall, the planning board had several questions about parking and how to deal with storm water. But, the board liked the overall idea.

      "Tonight's step was to meet with the planning board to say this is what we're doing. We want to work with them through this process. We know this is going to be a long, evolved process. It always is. But , we feel comfortable working with this board and with the community. And this project is going to be part of the neighborhood. And that's what we're going to live for," says Matthew Napierala

      While there's a lot more details to hash out and many more meetings to attend, members building the concept believe that if they build it, people will be interested and live the rest of their years in the Syracuse area.