Lyndon Corners in Dewitt one of worst intersections in CNY according to you

If you've been to Fayetteville, Manlius, or Cazenovia, you're probably familiar with Lyndon Corners, which means you're probably familiar with the headaches it causes.

Mindy Holgate of Manlius drives through the intersection on a daily basis.

"I don't think the lights are timed properly. I come from work up Lyndon Road and maybe four cars can go through and the cars that are coming toward you, you never know which way they're going to go. I think it's a dangerous intersection," says Holgate.

Like most of the busy intersections, the first problem is the sheer number of people who pass through on a daily basis according to State Department of Transportation spokesman, Gene Cilento.

"You have about 50,000 vehicles a day on this portion of Route 5 just west of the intersection and each of the legs down over that way, Route 5 on the eastside and 92 on the eastside have over 20,000 vehicles a day," says Cilento.

Adding to the confusion, this five-way crossroads is not your normal intersection.

Colleen Wells of Fayetteville says it can get confusing.

"It's kind of tricky especially when you need to take a left into Lyndon Fields where we have a lot of sports activities and things like that that we need to go to," says Wells.

Rebecca Oppedisano lives in Dewitt but drives to Fayetteville almost everyday.

"With the way that the roads are set up I think some people can be unclear as to what they're supposed to be doing at that intersection," says Oppedisano.

The DOT admits it can be puzzling at first.

"I guess it can be confusing for first time drivers or out of towners but once you've been through here you know exactly where to be," says Cilento.

However, the plans to solve the puzzle aren't happening anytime soon.

"Without taking additional property for additional lanes no, not really. The signal timing is pretty much maxed out as it is now," says CIlento.