Lysander, Van Buren & Baldwinsville supervisors asking for help patching potholes

Potholes are popping up across Baldwinsville.

The town supervisors from Lysander and Van Buren along with the mayor of Baldwinsville have sent a letter to the New York State Department of Transportation asking for pothole repairs.

Sections of State Routes 31 and 370 near the village are filled with potholes. Lysander Supervisor John Salisbury says some of the potholes present a safety risk for drivers.

"You see people that have to pull from the driving lane into oncoming traffic to avoid some of these potholes and it does create a dangerous situation."

State D.O.T. spokesman Gene Cilento says crews are making emergency cold patch repairs but need to wait for asphalt plants to open in the spring so they can do long term repairs.

This pothole season is expected to be worse and go for far longer than in a typical year. In some areas, frost has formed two to four feet below ground and Lysander's town engineers say it could be another six weeks before it fully thaws out.

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