Madison County reports second H1N1 flu death this season

The Madison County Health Department is reporting its second flu death of the season.

The victim was a middle-aged adult who came down with the H1N1 strain of the flu. The health department isn't sure whether the victim had received a flu vaccine this year.

"This has been an unusually severe flu season in Madison County. The flu season is not over yet. We cannot stress enough the importance of vaccination, particularly among people with chronic health conditions," said Cheryl Geiler, Madison County Health Department's Director of Community Health, in press release Thursday.

The health department says it provides weekly updates on flu activity on its website, and it will continue heightened surveillance for the remainder of the flu season.

On Wednesday, the Onondaga County Health Department reported its fourth flu-related death.

There have now been seven deaths related to the flu in Central New York.