Magical Christmas ride for a magical boy

A five year old Texas boy experienced a sleigh ride like no other Thursday night!

A magic helicopter ride that helped him and his family forget their troubles of the past few weeks.

Itâ??s easy to see that five year old Zachary McBride is fascinated by helicopters... just one reason why this adventure is extra special.

Michelle Fay, Zacharyâ??s mom said "Sometimes you forget that there is people out there that have big hearts and do care. You realize how many people actually care when something like this happens."

Itâ??s the ride of a lifetime: a helicopter tour of Tarrant County's holiday lights; a special night to give Zachary and his mom a break. Theyâ??re living at a Ronald McDonald house while he undergoes cancer treatments.

Michelle Fay adds, "they are calling it average risk A.L.L. I can't say the whole word. Itâ??s acute lymphoblast leukemia."

When it's time to go, pilot Victoria Burchfield gives Zachary the rules.

Burchfield explains, "You have to wear your seatbelt, okay?"

Then the crew heads to the tarmac of Meacham Airport, and little Zachary climbs in.

Burchfield tells Zachary, "Talk in the microphone. Say hello. Can you hear yourself?"

And they're on their way. One magical night for one magical boy.