Major apartment building fire causes closure of Adirondack schools

Several families are out of their homes in Boonville Thursday monring as a massive apartment building fire erupted in the village overnight.

According to the Oneida County Fire Coordinatorâ??s Office, around 2:30 a.m. 911 dispatchers were alerted to a report of a fire at 167 Main Street. Boonville firefighters didnâ??t have far to travel to fight the fire, as weâ??re told the firehouse is right next door.

Several area fire departments responded to assist with the multi-dwelling building. Weâ??re told the fire also spread to a nearby structure.

No injuries were reported. The Red Cross has been called into to help the families displaced by the fire.

The Adirondack School District first announced a two-hour delay, then closed for the day as a result of the fire. The district says low water pressure (likely due to the water needs of the firefighters) caused the closure.

The fire is under investigation.