Making the decision to cancel school for a snow day

A popular, warm, indoor option for families on snow days is Destiny USA.

A snow day is every kid's dream and Tuesday that dream came true even though it wasn't even snowing in much of Central New York.

Chris Brown, Superintendent of West Genesee Central School District, joined school administrators across Central New York in canceling school.

"We're given a guide that says if it's 25 below wind chill we better think about delaying or canceling school because of exposure to frost bite especially with our younger students and today was one of those days," says Brown.

Cancelling school for cold weather isn't common.

"I've been a superintendent for 14 years this January and I've only called a cold weather day three times. Once about 10 years ago, once friday, and then today," says Brown.

Once the snow day has been called, the burden falls on parents to keep their kids occupied all day. A popular, warm, indoor option is taking them to Destiny USA like Syracuse father, Nick McGraw.

"I would never consider it a burden. I would consider it one of those unexpected fun days more or less because yes you have to figure something out but you get to figure something out as well," says McGraw.

Uno Pizzeria offers free kids meals on snow days, a bonus for Joseph Cumming's family after school was cancelled for his daughter Mandi, 7.

"We decided we're going to go the mall today and do some stuff as a family and keep them busy that way," says Cummings.

While all the kids seem to be enjoying their day off, it's clear they're a lot tougher than you would think

especially after talking to McGraw's son, Malachi, 6.

"I don't think we really didn't have to go to school. I think everybody was just a little afraid it would be cold because it's actually not too cold outside," says Malachi McGraw.