Man accused of leaving his mother in Oneida woods out on bail, new court date set

Tomas Zavalidroga in court.

Tomas Zavalidroga has made bail, and is now trying to secure a private attorney.

Zavalidroga appeared in street clothes in Oneida City Court today, telling the judge that he is close to securing a private attorney. The judge set his next court appearance for September 5.

Zavalidroga is accused of intentionally leading his mother, Margaret, out into the woods and leaving her there. He then reported her missing, leading to a weekend-long search. She was later found in the woods behind the Lowes in Oneida.

Zavalidroga spoke briefly to reporters outside of the courthouse, where he said he could not comment on the case because â??the real evidence is not out.â??

After this comment, Zavalidrogaâ??s court appointed attorney came out of the courthouse and called him back inside. A short time later, Zavalidroga exited the courthouse and was asked how his mother was doing. Zavalidroga said, â??I have no idea, but I hope sheâ??s well.â?? At this time, the court appointed attorney told Tomas to stop talking and just go home.