Man arrested after dog found severely emaciated in Syracuse

6 year old Sasha

A Syracuse man faces two misdemeanor charges after the SPCA found a severely emaciated dog in his home on Sunday.

42 year-old Marcus Jameson is charged with failure to provide proper vet care and proper sustenance to Sasha, a 6 year-old purebred American bulldog.

The CNY SPCA found Sasha after receiving an anonymous tip on Sunday. Sasha is nearly forty pounds underweight and has sores covering her body. The SPCA says the sores come from sleeping on a hard surface for many months in a row.

Taylor Gilkey is a Vet Assistant at the CNY SPCA. "(It's) sad I do have to say we see a lot of it. It doesn't get easier, but it just becomes more real where we just see it so much, it's not such a shock unfortunately," says Gilkey. "It's terrible. I've been in this position for about 8 years now and we've see a lot of cases, it doesn't get any easier it's a very emotional job and my heart goes out to them."

William Pulaski is a Cruelty Investigator with the SPCA and was one of the members who was on site to take her out of her living conditions in Syracuse. "Lately, things have been picking up a lot. We've been finding a few of them that have been deceased on the side of the roadway and luckily we did receive a complaint when we did and got to here when we did before that ended up happening," says Pulaski.

The SPCA says Sasha may not be ready to be adopted until next summer because of her current health but its goal is to find her a loving forever home. Sasha weighs fifty pounds with zero percent body fat and no muscle mass.

Jameson will be arraigned in Syracuse City Court on November 26.