Man dumped two dozen puppies in the woods, wife separately charged in dead kitten case

Authorities say they're still trying to find 7 of the two dozen puppies abandoned in the woods by a man whose wife faces animal cruelty charges after dead kittens were found in her northern New York pet store.

Police in Plattsburgh say 36-year-old Michael Staley has admitted taking 24 puppies from the Northern Puppies pet store last weekend and scattering them in the woods outside the city. 17 of the puppies have been recovered.

Police say people reported finding some of the puppies Saturday night. Officials say 14 of the puppies have been found as of Tuesday morning.

Officials say Staley told them he wanted to get rid of the dogs to avoid costly veterinarian bills.

Last month, authorities closed Tammy Staley's pet store and charged her with animal cruelty after two kittens were found dead.

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