Man pleads guilty to attempted sexual abuse after following woman home from Wegmans

Gregory Gottfried

The man who was accused of trying to force a Fayetteville woman into the trunk of her own car accepted a pre-indictment deal and pleaded guilty Wednesday to attempted sexual abuse.

22-year-old Gregory Gottfried is not charged with trying to force the woman into her trunk after all, but he is charged with attempting to sexually abuse a Fayetteville woman outside of her home in March.

Officials say Gottfried followed the woman home from Wegmans in DeWitt.

Judge Anthony Aloi said the sentence will likely be 10 years probation with a possible six months of incarceration. Gottfried will also have to register as a sex offender.

Gottfriedâ??s lawyer, Edward Menkin, says this was an isolated incident and that Gottfried was trying to reach out to a stranger.

"He was just trying to make some contact with someone," Menkin said. "He was a lonely guy. This is a very heavy price to pay for an impulsive act."

Sentencing is scheduled for August.