Man rescues woman from car submerged in a Minnesota pond

When Geoffrey Racette left his job at Rainbow foods in Plymouth on Saturday, he had no idea of the trip that ahead of him.

Riding his bike just a block from the store, he crossed to the road's other side because of too much ice and snow, suddenly seeing a car tire sticking up from a nearby pond.

"You saw a whole car on its side, backwards, facing the road, which means she had gone over the side, backwards," he described.

At first, he thought that car was empty, but soon realized what he thought was the car's airbag was instead its driver.

"I called out, asked if anybody was there and heard her go, 'Oh, thank God,'" Racette said.

Racette crawled through the car's broken back window and, with the car resting on its passenger side, saw Nancy Breberg, 67, of Centerville, tipped on her side, her feet on the driver's side window.

Breberg was on her way to a party in St. Louis Park Friday night when she somehow got lost and while driving along a Plymouth Road her car slid off the pavement and down into a pond.

Breberg survived more than 18 hours partially submerged in the freezing pond.

"The vehicle was on its side. It was not running and all the windows were closed up so she was unable to exit the vehicle on her own," said Officer Melissa Johnson of the Plymouth Police Department. "She was hanging by the seatbelts basically it was hanging on the right side and she was hanging by the seatbelts."

(Information courtesy NBC News)