Man says he's haunted after finding dead baby

The spot where the dumpster was located Friday morning.

A man looking for pieces of spare wood in the dumpster found a newborn baby's body about 10:30 on Thursday night.

Michael Denardo says he's still shaken up from the incident. "I can't believe it myself quite honestly, I'm still haunted by it. It just freaks me out that someone could do that to their own flesh and blood," he said. "To see something like that and be unable to forget something for the rest of your life. It's messed up."

Liverpool's police chief said the man first believed it was a child's doll, but immediately called police when he realized it was a baby. Since then police have been canvassing the apartment buildings and surrounding neighborhood near 200 Pearl Street - hoping someone can lead them to the mother.

"As an investigative body, we're concerned with successfully resolving why this occurred. We also have concerns that if there was a pregnancy that delivered unattended without medical assistance, there might be a threat to the mother as far as medical," said Liverpool Police Chief William Becker.

After the child's body was removed from the dumpster by the Onondaga County Medical Examiner's Office, police took the dumpster and an adjacent dumpster to a "controlled area" for further examination. Both have been returned to the apartment complex.

An autopsy of the newborn's body will be done by the Onondaga County Medical Examiner. Becker said it would not have taken long for the newborn's small body to succumb to Thursday night's freezing cold temperatures.

Neighbors just couldn't understand how someone could leave a newborn to die - instead of finding help.

" Very scary. It's very depressing more so," said neighbor Korey Kryder. "I just don't understand people these days."

"It's scary that somebody would just carry a child nine months, discard it in the garbage like it's garbage," said neighbor Judy Lenchik. "Sounds like there was no medical help, no hospital, just discarding of human life."

"I want people to know that there was someone who cared. I don't know if anyone else here would but I do," said Denardo.

Investigators are hoping someone can provide some answers to what the police chief called "a tragedy"

" We have gotten some phone calls, some of it has been very helpful. some of it has given us new directions to take our investigation as well," said Becker.

If you know anything about what happened to the baby or its mother, you're asked to call Liverpool Police at 475-0722. Investigators still don't know when the baby was born, and if it was dead before being placed in the dumpster. We should know more after the Onondaga County Medical Examiner completes an autopsy.