Man shot dead by deputies on Onondaga Hill was former corrections officer in Jamesville

<font size="2">Deputy-involved shooting, Aitchison Road, Town of Onondaga</font>

The man shot by Onondaga County Sheriff's deputies on Onondaga Hill Tuesday night was a former corrections officer who died in the shooting.


shooting happened around 5:50 p.m. Tuesday

at 5006 Aitchison Road in the Town of Onondaga. 57-year-old Michael Sica lived in the house with his parents. He was estranged from his wife.

At a news conference Wednesday afternoon, Sheriff Kevin Walsh says police received a 911 call from Sicaâ??s parents saying he had made threats to kill himself and shoot police, and he was going to a storage facility to get guns and ammunition. They say Sica's parents had left the house for fear of their own safety.

A deputy responded to the house, and Walsh says the deputy found Sica sitting in the driver's set of a red car in the driveway. Walsh says Sica got out of the car when the deputy approached, pulled a pistol and put it in the deputyâ??s face. The deputy called for backup, which arrived in time to witness Sica going into the house's garage.

Police say they heard a gunshot coming from the house and thought Sica had committed suicide. When they entered the garage Sica pointed a gun at them, and thatâ??s when they shot Sica. He was pronounced dead at the scene by medical personnel.

Walsh says the deputies are on administrative leave and met with counselors Tuesday night. Walsh referred to them as â??veteransâ?? of the department, but could not comment on their years of service. He said their names will be released Friday night, 72 hours after the incident, per department policy.

Police know Sica had a permit for his pistol, but are unsure about the rifles they found in the home. He was a former Jamesville Penitentiary corrections officer.