Man suspected of murdering a Geddes woman arrested in Pennsylvania

Police investigate the scene where Patricia Gryczka's body was found in Lafayette

A Phoenix man, who is a suspect in the homicide of a Geddes woman, 53-year-old Patricia Gryczka, was arrested by police in Pennsylvania on a fugitive from justice charge Monday night.


body was found in a ravine off

of Webb Road in Lafayette on Monday morning.

At a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office said Larry N. Frank, 49, will be charged with second degree murder.

Investigators say Frank confessed to killing Gryczka, his sister-in-law, in her Geddes home. Investigators believe Frank strangled Gryczka after a dispute over money late Sunday afternoon and ended up killing her.

In the early hours of Monday morning, investigators say Frank went back to Gryczkaâ??s house and put her body in her car and drove to Webb Road in Lafayette.

Around 4:00 a.m. Monday morning, Sheriffâ??s deputies responded to a suspicious person complaint in the 2900 block of Webb Road

"A resident on Webb Road was letting his dogs out and heard noises in the back. He checked the property there and found the suspect crouched down by the edge of his property line," said Onondaga County Undersheriff Warren Darby.

Darby said Frank got into the car and drove off quickly, but the neighbor was able to note the license plate number.

When deputies responded to the report of a suspicious person, they found Gryczka's body during a search of the surrounding property. Investigators then linked the license plate number the neighbor had written down to Gryczka's home on Leslee Terrace in Geddes.

Deputies went to Gryczka's home and found signs of a break-in and a stolen car. A neighbor told police that Gryczka has a sister who lives in Phoenix.

Phoenix Police went to Gryczka's sister's home at 6:00am on Monday. Darby says the officers were only looking for information about Gryczka but when Frank saw them coming he sped out of his driveway in a 2000 Nissan Altima. Officers then chased Frank through parts of Oswego and Onondaga County before he eventually lost the police.

Darby said Frank continued traveling south into the Ithaca area and then into Pennsylvania.

Sheriffâ??s detectives contacted the Lawrence Township Police Department, after being alerted that the victimâ??s credit card was used at a Walmart in Clearfield. Township Police say they received a warrant for Frank from the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office and was on a fugitive from justice charge.

Frank was located at approximately 5:30pm in the parking lot by Lawrence Township Police, who took him into custody without incident.

Police also found a loaded handgun inside Frankâ??s vehicle. He was held at the Lawrence Township Police Department, in Clearfield County, without bail.

Frank has waived his right to extradition proceedings in court Tuesday morning and will be returned to Onondaga County on Tuesday evening.

Township Police are continuing their investigating into the firearm which Frank had in his possession when he was arrested.