Man who comforted Lori Bresnahan as she died is satisfied with David Renz's guilty plea

Bill Cregg

On the night Lori Bresnahan was murdered, and a ten year old girl raped, Bill Cregg was first on the scene on Verplank Road in Clay. He learned about suspect David Renz's guilty plea in a phone call Wednesday morning. Cregg told CBS 5's Michael Benny that he thought he would have felt better about the resolution in the case. "I think the reason I don't feel happy is that Lori is still gone," Cregg said. "I am satisfied though, and because I was there that night and I know what he did - this is really the only way this case could have been resolved," Cregg added.

The guilty plea will spare the young rape victim from having to relive the crime in open court. Bill Cregg is confident the child would be an excellent witness, but is thankful it won't come to that. "She is so strong, and so brave, but she won't have to bear that pain again - and Lori's family won't have to hear the more awful details of what happened," Cregg said.

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