Man who saved young girl the night of Clay horrors is humbled by so many kind words

Even before they see the full series of interviews, Central New Yorkers are pouring out messages of thanks and good wishes for the man who was first on the scene the night of the Clay kidnapping, rape and murder on March 14th.

In comments on this website, following Michael Benny's preview of the series of interviews, one woman wrote, "it is comforting to know there are still good people out there!" Even before his interview airs on television, Bill Cregg says he's heard from many people who are willing to help him in the fight to change flaws in legislation and probation protocol brought to light by this shocking case. He's also seen the glowing comments made by strangers about the role he played that night, and he says it is "very humbling."

Click here to watch Bill Cregg on the "void" that night left in him.

Click here to watch him discuss how he's changed after the heinous crimes.

Here is a sampling of some of what people are saying about Cregg's actions that awful night:

Kris Maitland: You are the true meaning of HERO Mr. Cregg. This world needs more people like you. Thank you for your service protecting our Country and for the heroic actions you showed on that God awful night. As a mother, I can surely bet you gave Ms. Bresnahan some comfort in her final moments. May God Bless you.

Pam Merritt Jones: You're an angel, Mr Cregg for being there for them. As a mother of 3 girls this whole story shakes me to the bone. I pray you find some peace knowing you made a difference and are continuing to.

Jean Frick: Me Cregg, you are as you said " that little girls friend", you are a hero, you were chosen by god to serve and protect , you were chosen to take that path on that terrible night , I only hope and pray that you and your family can one day find peace from this terrible tragedy that impacted your life... God bless you!

Michael Benny's exclusive series of interviews with Bill Cregg begin airing Monday at 5pm on CBS 5 and NBC 3.

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