Manlius comes together over new swans

Faye and Manny's four female cygnets are now swimming in the pond.

The village of Manlius is celebrating the birth of four new swans to parents Faye and Manny. The four female cygnets were born on Sunday.

Biologist Michael Bean brought the swans to Manlius last year. On Wednesday, he spoke at the Manlius Public Library about the birds.

He is happy to see the positive impact the swans have had on the community since Faye's first eggs were smashed. "What's exciting is the amount of involvement," Bean said. "Now, the people have come and gotten involved in this project. So what has happened? You know, out of something terrible that has happened, something wonderful has grown from it."

At tonight's event, members of the Swan Patrol received certificates for their work. The Swan Patrol monitors the pond twenty-four hours a day.

All members wear shirts specially designed by Lois Ross of Dazzle. She is donating all proceeds made from the shirts. So far, she has given more than $5,000.

Only four of the six swan eggs have hatched. One passed away and another never hatched. The four surviving cygnets are now beginning to swim with their parents in the pond.