Manlius receives thousands in donations to protect the Swan Pond

Male swan Manny's beak was damaged in the attack at the Manlius Swan Pond. Now money from 'Save our Swans' sales will increase security.

In a brief ceremony on Tuesday afternoon, Manlius businesswoman Lois Ross presented the Manlius Village mayor with over $5,000 to be used to protect the Swan Pond.

The money comes from sales at The Dazzle Store where she sold t-shirts, hats and more with the 'Save our Swans' logo.

Ross says that residents are buying for themselves, and to send to out of area residents as gifts. 'Swan Patrol' shirts are also big sellers, as a volunteer group watches over the Swan Pond all hours of the day.

Manlius Mayor Mark-Paul Serafin says there's growing commitment, and excitement, as the swans get ready to be parents.

Faye has six eggs, and counting. 'Once she's done laying it'll be 25 to 35 days before they hatch,' says the mayor, who says the babies could be here by next month. "Yeah, maybe for our 4th of July Parade, people will see cygnets on the water, which would be wonderful for us."

The mayor says he's sad that anyone would have such a disregard for life, that he could destroy the first clutch of eggs.

Ross Leone is charged, and will be in court next week. 'I have a lot of residents that call me with suggestions on what he can do for community service," says Seraphin. "Everything from mucking out our pond, to following the elephants at Burnet Park zoo, or with a sign or a shirt on that's not very flattering that says 'I'm the blank that did this'-so people are really not very happy. You know, they want to see him do some sweat equity one way or the other."

We asked if he was comfortable having the accused man around the swans, and the mayor says yes, because DPW crews would be watching him. Also watching now, the swan patrol, volunteers at the Swan Pond continuously now.