Manlius woman heartbroken over missing parrot who took on voice of her deceased husband

Joanna Steffan is desperate to get her beloved African Parrot named Kiwi back. The 14 year old bird flew off this week as she was bringing it back into her house from its outside habitat. Typically CNYCentral does not report on missing pets, but this case brings extra heartache for the pet owner because Kiwi had taken on the voice and the mannerisms of Joanna's late husband Patrick.

"My husband passed away three years ago, and for some reason the bird took on his voice to perfection - I can't explain why it happened," Steffan told CBS 5's Michael Benny.

Grey African Parrots have the brain equivalency of a five year old child, Steffan says. The bird was on her arm this week when it started acting strange and suddenly released its grip. The bird was last seen flying off east of Manlius. Domesticated birds like Kiwi can live for up to 80 years, although they can not survive on their own in the wild.

Joanna and her family are putting up flyers in Manlius on Friday. Anyone who sees Kiwi is asked to call (315) 447-2814.

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