Many spectators disappointed by President Obama's brief visit

Spectators gather to catcha glimpse of President Obama. Most went away disappointed.

There were a lot of disappointed spectators in Cooperstown Thursday, some who waited all day to see President Obama, but never did.

Alyssa Baker of Springfield arrived in the early morning hours, hoping to get a glimpse at the Commander in Chief.

"I've been here since 8 o'clock this morning. A while," says Baker.

The President entered the National Baseball Hall of Fame through a back door and left without waving to the crowd.

Before the disappointment, there was a lot of excitement in the air. Susan Walker, born and raised in Cooperstown, says this visit is a big deal for her hometown.

"It's the best thing to happen to this town in years. It's wonderful. Everyone's out and about. It's exciting," says Walker.

Faith Logue was happy to get out early from Cooperstown Elementary School.

"I think it's awesome because we don't have to stay an extra hour like we usually do and we probably got out so we could see President Obama and there's going to be a lot of traffic," says Logue.

Some people like Leslie Kaplan we're standing there in support.

"I think he's a great President and it's just an exiciting thing to happen in smalltown Cooperstown," says Kaplan.

While others, like David Hutchison, stood in protest, specifically speaking out against the Keystone XL Pipeline.

"I mean it's a democracy and that's what democracy is all about," says Hutchison.

Everyone agreed on one point, a visit from the President is good for business in Cooperstown. Sasha Gagarin owns Extra Innings on Main Street, across the street from the Hall of Fame.

"It's what makes this business run. If it wasn't for tourism and people coming from all over the country, Cooperstown wouldn't be what it is today," says Gagarin.

In Cooperstown, if business is a game, tourism is the star player.