Many without power after massive outage in Syracuse area

SYRACUSE, N.Y.---Jefferson Towers is lit up like usual, with people warm inside their apartments.

But it's a different story just across the way in Madison towers and Town homes-the outage continues.

Phil Malley says he had power all day at work Syracuse University, but now he and his roommate are hoping the darkness won't last too long.

"Hopefully. I'm writing my dissertation right now so I'd like to be able to have internet access to keep working on my introduction," said Malley.

Sobhag Rana is worried about his family and where they'll sleep tonight, he says their apartment is freezing cold.

"I came here at 5/5:00 still no power, we went out for dinner came back, still no power. I have two small kids and they're tired, they came back from school and and now there's no power and it's just really bad for us," said Rana.

Tonight as the city got so many lights back on, there are still plenty of people in the dark.

Hoping for their lights to switch on and their heat to kick in.

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