Marcellus couple with a unique love story gets married on 11-12-13

Newlyweds Thomas and Carey Blake married on 11-12-13 in Auburn.

From the start, you knew this was no ordinary couple. Syracuse police officer, Thomas Blake, met his bride Carey Pemberton while writing her friend a parking ticket in front of her home on Hamilton Street.

"He wrote it anyways but I thought he was really cute and we talked for a while. He found me and a couple weeks later we went out on our first date," says Pemberton.

Three years later, he proposed to her in the exact same location and then four months later they married on 11-12-13.

"We just thought it would be a lot of fun. Something different, quirky. Neither one of us is going to get married again so just perfect," says Pemberton.

If the date of 11-12-13 wasn't unique enough, they also decided to get married at 2:15 which in military time is 14:15.

When they told their family and friends about their plans to marry on a Tuesday they all had a similar reaction.



e thought they were crazy," says Maid of Honor, Rachel Hendricks.

"That was the weirdest part about it. A Tuesday? We're supposed to go to work tomorrow," says Best Man Ben Castelsky.

"I thought he was trying to save some money and that's why he had it on a Tuesday," says Father of the Bride, Mike Pemberton.

A romantic start to the rest of their lives

on a once in a lifetime date.

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