Marcellus Neighbors Describe Serious Flooding

Folks in Marcellus are still cleaning up from serious flooding.

Folks in Marcellus are still cleaning up from serious flooding. Parts of Central New york saw nearly four inches of rain in just 90 minutes.

And, it wasn't just Marcellus. Other roads in the Ithaca and Syracuse area were shut down as well due to flooding.

"Our whole street was flooded. You could see just streams of water just moving right down the street," says Amy Tuttle, of Marcellus.

Several inches of rain gushed through the streets in Marcellus. First street neighbors said they think they experienced a lot of pooling water because of the dip in the road.

"A river. A river coming down. It looked like you could go fishing. It was just a river," says Linda Galan of Liverpool.

Galan was visiting her sister when the storm arrived. Once she saw how bad the storm really was, she immediately grabbed her phone and starting snapping photos.

"I came out to the front window and everything was gushing. And then we went to the backyard and everything was just completely flooded," says Galan.

Many neighbors said it only took about 30 minutes for First Street in Marcellus to be covered in water.

And, just down the street Amy Tuttle of Marcellus was watching the storm from her window. B
ecause of her yard work, she always likes to keep a close eye on the weather.

"Because on my cell phone, it has the weather report and I checked it and it said rain. So, I expected some rain. But, not at all what happened," says Tuttle.


whole lot of rain left many with flooded basements. B
ut for now, overall clean up is small because the warmer weather dried up the rain. Making some areas look as if the storm never passed through and allowing those to continue on with their daily routines.