Marcellus runners, parents speak out about sudden firing of Oscar Jensen

Students waiting to talk at the Marcellus School Board meeting Monday night.

Marcellus High School cross country runners and parents voiced their anger Monday night at a school board meeting over the firing of long-time cross country coach Oscar Jenson.

The board discussed student health forms required for participation in a sport during the meeting. It is an issue with these health forms that reportedly led to Jensen's dismissal. An official statement providing a reason for the sudden firing of Jensen has not been released.

Many of Jensen's athletes and their parents took to the podium to blast the board and express their disappointment in his firing.

"We want to let the board know that we are upset about this and we also want them to know what an impact coach had on us," said Rachel Garn, a senior runner on the cross country team. "We really don't understand what happened."

Many of the students took time to say how important Jensen has been to their high school careers. One student said, "Coach made me who I am today, he treated me like an adult and is responsible for the person I am today."

The school board listened to at least a dozen parents and students at the meeting, but has not made any public comment in regards to the firing of Jensen.

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