Marianne Angelillo shares story of losing her son through her book

Marianne Angelillo signing books.


he's signing books to make a difference. Marianne Angelillo wrote inspirational messages just behind the cover of her book, Sharing My Stones, for neighbors across Central New York.

"There's a message for the broad scope of society. Most of the message is about love and family and valuing your life," says Angelillo.

Her 17 year old son Matt and his friend Steven Corsello were driving through their hometown of Skaneateles on Father's Day of 2004. Corsello was driving drunk when their car hit a minivan.

Matt died.

Angelillo put her story of losing Matt into 264 pages.

"I'm sharing the journey, I'm sharing both the joy and the sorrows of the last 10 years, but I am not in the thick of the pain that I was 10 years ago," says Angelillo.

Richard Summers came to Barnes and Noble expecting to buy other books, but when he saw Angelillo seated at her table, he started telling his story to her.

"For an instant, everything that happened to my son came back to me," says Summers.

Summers' son James was killed in a car crash in Texas two years ago. Talking with Angelillo for only 10 minutes has already helped him continue moving forward.

When you can talk to somebody who absolutely understands what you're feeling, then the two of you in fact exchange encouragement and an uplift of spirit that's almost impossible to describe.

The sharing of stones and stories at a book signing which made a difference.

You can buy the book through the publisher's website by clicking here.