Mark Carrigan sentenced to 41 to 60 years in state prison for child sex abuse

Mark Carrigan

The man Syracuse police have called the city's most prolific sex offender will likely die in state prison.

In Onondaga County Court, 47-year-old Mark Carrigan learned he will spend the next 41 to 60 years locked up as punishment for various sex crimes against four young boys.

"You saw your opportunities, and you took them," said Judge Thomas Miller, just before doling out the maximum sentence.

Judge Miller said the jury detected a common theme among Carrigan's four victims, and that he preyed upon their vulnerability to employ a "calculated strategy to take advantage of their disadvantage."

Earlier this month, that jury convicted Carrigan of 17 counts of sex abuse, including four counts of use of a child in a sexual performance. For each of those felonies, Carrigan will spend seven-and-a half to 15 years in state prison, to be served consecutively.

Carrigan was also convicted of criminal sex act in the second and third degrees, for which he will be locked up for seven years and four years respectively, and serve 15 years post-release supervision -- should he still be alive when the time in prison is up.

After his trial, Carrigan was convicted of 11 misdemeanors: sexual abuse in the second degree (two counts); endangering the welfare of a child (four counts); and sexual abuse in third degree (five counts).

Assistant District Attorney Tony Germano pointed to a pinwheel pin on his lapel signifying April's Child Abuse Awareness Month, when talking about the outcome of Thursday morning's sentence, and why we should be careful about calling Carrigan the city's most prolific sex offender.

"It's not that what Mr. Carrigan did and has done wasn't egregious," he said. "For a child who's been the victim of sexual abuse, the person who perpetrated on them, their abuser is the most prolific sex offender in the world."

"It doesn't matter what she or he has done but to the people that work with that child on a daily basis, that abuse, that abuser is the most prolific sex offender in the world."